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Side by Side Clinical Trials

The old Model T device distributed by Dan Winter and Paul Harris under the name THERAPHI as designed by Ralph Hartwell in 2007 is available for side by side comparison, and people who have sat in the old device previously are especially encouraged to return. FREE sessions, as usual (donations accepted). This new all digital and affordable device is offered with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee (less shipping and restocking) and is currently in the process of UL approval. The DARTH VADER Laser Sword toy sold at Walmart is more dangerous than these tubes (it has 10 watts). The RADIANT PHI is all new, not a redesign or reverse engineering of the obscenely priced THERAPHI device, but one of the many frequencies available for it is the IMPLOSION SET as installed on the original device. The device appears as a hard drive on your computer on plugging in the USB port, and all ou need to do is drop and drag the desired frequencies onto the drive. You can stack them, for hours if you want, and unlike the old Model T, you will not “burn” yourself. No adverse effects. More powerful, cleaner, all digital, and AFFORDABLE at $3000 plus shipping. Compare to Dan’s device at $25,000; purchase EIGHT of the new ones for the price of ONE THERAPHI. Think of how many more people can get healing…..TheraphiOn